Easter is just around the corner and the festive atmosphere envelops Todi and all of Umbria. Between customs, typical dishes and decorations, the Easter celebration is one of the most heartfelt in the region. Choosing Todi as a destination has its advantages, we list our 3 favourites: the traditions, the food and the greenery.

Perhaps not everyone knows that exchanging decorated eggs is a very popular custom in our country too. It has always been a symbol of life and rebirth, even the ancient Romans dyed an egg red and buried it in the hope of abundant harvests.
Nowadays, decorating eggs can be a good excuse to unleash your creativity and become a miniature artist. All it takes is a few ingredients, a lot of imagination and you're done.

If the word Easter egg has turned on a light bulb, you're not wrong: Todi, thanks to its proximity to Perugia, is a land of craftsmen and masters in the art of chocolate making. You can find classic flavours but also experiments and special combinations.

Moreover, if you love rustic cuisine and recipes handed down from generation to generation, the Todi specialities will tempt you. In Umbria, the Easter breakfast is of great importance, a meal rich in dishes prepared in the days leading up to Easter Sunday. Breakfast has its roots in the religious rites of Holy Week: in the past, a basket was made with the food that would be blessed during the Holy Saturday services.

One of the most popular specialities is the cheese cake, which has a cylindrical shape and a soft dough, and is ideal when accompanied by tasty local charcuterie such as capocollo and salami. Its sweet version is called Easter pizza and has a delicate flavour given by the spices, sultanas and candied fruit. Lamb, which is the star of the local table, is also a must. Those who love to eat will be delighted by the Ciaramicola, a glazed doughnut garnished with sprinkles and flavoured with Alchermes, which gives it its typical pink colour. It is said that it was prepared by girls for their boyfriends as a tribute to the city of Perugia through its colours, red and white.

Satisfied with the cuisine, it is time to take a stroll.
Todi is immersed in a rich and varied nature and lies in the heart of one of the greenest regions in Italy. There is no shortage of opportunities to enjoy moments in the open air, especially during the beautiful spring season, ideal for excursions and trips. Outdoor activities range from trekking to horse riding, from climbing to golf. The varied environment of the Todi countryside makes it possible to organise an adventure-filled Easter Monday.

Without straying far from the city centre, the Parco della Rocca and Beverly Pepper Park are ideal for a quiet break. The lower Tiber Valley is perfect for a stroll. In addition, Todi is close to the Tiber River Park where you can experience the Todi area at 360°.
Not far from the town you will also find some of the most beautiful natural areas in central Italy including the Lake Trasimeno area and the Nera River Park with the impressive Marmore Falls.

In short, Todi is the ideal destination to combine taste, landscapes, tradition and holidays.
We are waiting for you!