On foot, by bike and even on horseback: unique experiences in Todi and surroundings to appreciate healthy environments and sports immersed in the history and traditions of the place

Coming to Todi is not only an opportunity to visit it, but it is also a convenient and central base from which to make wonderful trekking experiences. The meaning of trekking must be sought in the English verb to trek, which means making a long path, walking slowly. A mix of nature walking and hiking, the healthiest choice you can make.

To discover the city you can do an urban trek that, starting from the medieval walls, alternates the architectural works of the center of Todi to open spaces and belvederes.

Not to be missed for lovers of Slow Food and tourism in contact with the territory and its inhabitants is the Transameria. It extends along the ancient Via Amerina that in Roman and Medieval times united Rome to the main centers of Umbria. It is a ring circuit with beginning and end in Todi, divided into several stages for a total of about 80 km.  It can be covered in various ways: on foot, by bicycle, electric or traditional,  and even on horseback. The route is part of a hilly path between villages and castles. It is a new travel format: meetings with farmers, artisans, restaurateurs and hoteliers, to learn about the gastronomic, cultural and social value of the territory thanks to top-level tourist experiences.

The Sentiero del Furioso starts from the masterpiece represented by the Church of San Giuseppe and ends at the Teatro della Concordia in Monte Castello di Vibio, an undoubted example of art. It is a ring of 17 km that is also called Anello del Furioso for its shape: it starts and arrives in the hamlet of Pian di San Martino, a few minutes drive from the center of Todi. Wineries and farms blend with the biodiversity of nature, all while hiking in a landscape linked to medieval history.

The natural beauty of the ancient Via Amerina and the Furioso Trail have been told, through anecdotes and curiosities, by important television broadcasts such as Eden and Stop and Go broadcasted in January 2022. Licia Colò told how the Furioso takes its name from the strength of the Tiber, in this particularly impetuous part. And as in Todi and surroundings the e-bike has become an essential resource to learn more about the territory and to promote human relationships.