Discovering the historic shops of Todi while strolling through the streets of the old town is a unique and authentic experience.

The craft shops of restorers, tailors, carpenters, shoemakers, potters are one of the most fascinating surprises of the city, each one with its characteristic perfumes, its vintage equipment and its workshops that keep alive ancient traditional techniques.

Do you know the famous Oxford shoes, known in Italy as "Gangster shoes" that stand out for their smooth surface, their pointed cut and for being embellished with holes that form elaborate designs? Well, these and many other models of shoes, including Derby and moccasins, are the specialties of shoemaker Marco Cianini.
The interest for custom-made shoes and belts was born when, little more than a boy, Marco was fascinated by the leather and, after learning the craft from master shoemakers for several years, he opened his workshop in Via Giacomo Matteotti 39.
The Tuderte shoemaker makes custom-made shoes through a slow and meticulous process: first he takes measurements at the customer's foot, chooses with him the leather to use and then starts the real work. It takes Cianini about two months to make a couple of moccasins or Oxford, but then, he says, they last a lifetime.

In the heart of the Borgo district, in via della Maleretta, it is still possible to meet those who work the wood following Tuderte cabinetmaker tradition.
Mario Battistoni, an expert in the restoration of antique furniture, opened his business in the early 80s conveying his passion and secrets to his son Filippo.
The care and quality of Mario and Filippo Battistoni's work have conquered many foreign tourists, going far: "We have worked - says Filippo - for furniture that now can be found in the good living rooms of Paris, Montecarlo, Tel-Aviv and Oslo".

In 1948, Giovanni Serrani started his business in the food industry, revolutionising the world of espresso coffee forever. In Todi, between the Archaeological Museum and the Municipal Art Gallery, you will find Gran Caffè Serrani, a historic bistro that tells the story of Caffè Serrani's long research. With dedication, for more than 80 years, the café has been developing a professional ethic that derives from its origins and its natural bond with the territory. 

If you are passionate about the great Escher, the Dutch engraver and designer, author of famous surreal constructions, in Todi you should not miss Daniele Parasecolo's carving workshop, a real Escherian temple.
The artist works in his workshop - studio in Santa Maria carrying out a careful reinterpretation of the great Tuderte tradition of furniture.
In 2014 Parasecolo was the protagonist of a personal exhibition at Espace 44 in Brussels exhibiting about thirty inlays inspired by Renaissance drawings and graphic works by masters such as Escher.

Among the historic shops, we cannot fail to mention the barbershop in Corso Cavour, one of the most popular places for locals and tourists. This is the oldest barbershop in Italy, whose history began back in 1869. From its earliest years, it became known as 'the Lords' Barbershop' for its decorations and the luxury and beauty of its clientele.