On the Day of the Secret Gardens the citizens of Todi open their gates to the public for an event dedicated to music and readings with extraordinary guests and artists.

What could be more inebriating than the scent of flowers on a cool late summer evening? Maybe lulled by the sound of music or inspired by the interest of reading...

All this happens in Todi during the event of Secret Gardens, first in the framework of Todi Festival, then in the Iubel Festival, which also saw the participation of director Ezio Bosso, in 2019.

Music and readings on different genres, from stand-up comedy to historical literature, can be heard among the wonders of the gardens and private courtyards in the neighborhoods of the historic center of Todi.

The invitation is to listen and discover, not only new creative ideas and extraordinary artists, but also places: the invitation, every year addressed to a different district of the city, is to "open the gates" (also hasthag of the event) of its gardens and terraces, to allow everyone to enjoy the hidden beauty of Todi, as well as rediscover the values of trust and being well together.

Over the years the format has changed a little bit: in the first edition the formula was the secret concert: the spectator was informed about the address of the performance only on the day of the event and discovered the identity of the artist only once he arrived on site. In the last edition the faces of the participants were made known in advance.

Some of the names that have followed in previous editions are: Saverio Raimondo, whose stand-up comedy also landed on Netflix, the singer-songwriter Paolo Benvegnù, the journalist Andrea Luccioli, the singer Delmoro, who in 2019 won the Jacopone Award for songwriting, the writer Giulia Cavaliere and the musician Giovanni Succi. The 2019 edition was all dedicated to perhaps the most famous character of the city: Jacopone da Todi. As for the previous editions, the next ones could see the presence of musicians who appeared on the Ariston stage in Sanremo.

And so every year for a few days, near the end of the summer, famous and emerging artists meet in the homes of local people to strengthen the connection of community
that unites them and to create new bridges between culture and environment, because, as Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote, "Where you grow the rose, the thistle cannot grow".

It is a unique opportunity to discover hidden and usually private places and to enjoy the company and creativity of extraordinary artists.