Todi represents a natural arena for the setting of films, screenplays and all forms of art for the beauty of its nature, its streets, its views, for the authentic atmosphere that you can breathe in every corner.

Many films have been shot in and around Todi. From historical films to comedies, from fantasy films to westerns, today we present them from the most recent to the most dated.

From 2021, we cannot fail to mention La Befana vien di notte 2 - Le Origini, directed by Paola Randi and starring Monica Bellucci, Fabio De Luigi and the very young Zoe Massenti. A story that will take you back in time to discover Italy's most famous old woman. Magic and a pinch of mystery reveal the charm of some of the most evocative locations in the city.

Also last year, we hosted the filming of La leggenda di Kaira (The Legend of Kaira), a short fantasy film based on the comic book of the same name written by Emanuela Del Zompo. The story revolves around the role of women throughout different historical eras, telling the story of a warrior who strives for free will and social redemption.

Welcome home released in 2019, directed by George Ratliff, was filmed mostly in Todi and in the surrounding area. This movie is played by Riccardo Scamarcio, Aaron Paul and the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski.
Welcome Home tells the story of an American couple who, in an attempt to save their relationship, rent a beautiful villa in the Italian countryside through a website (called Welcome Home). In Italy they meet Federico, handsome and mysterious, who lives in a nearby house, and who attracts her attention and his jealousy. The astute Italian will use this feelings to manipulate the couple and push the two sides against each other, starting a perverse and sensual power game.

Paolo Genovese, Italian director, has written films such as The Place and “Perfetti Sconosciuti”, in San Damiano, in his farmhouse 7 km from Todi, and set A Perfect Family in Todi in 2012.
Paolo Genovese especially appreciates the ability of tuderti (people who lives in Todi) to welcome people, which is something more than friendliness. It is making people feel part of the community, without any difference.

A Perfect Family is a movie starring Sergio Castellitto, Claudia Gerini, Carolina Crescentini, Marco Giallini, Eugenia Costantini, Ilaria Occhini and Francesca Neri.
A family is gathered for Christmas Eve lunch around a laid table in a majestic Umbrian farmhouse, near Todi: there are three generations and they seems very united, a family as perfect as one you can find in any kind of advertising. The actors, in an attempt to complete their work and keep the threads of the characters of the "family", always play between fiction and reality, between weaknesses and contradictions: the unsolved conflicts brings family members to interesting and funny episodes.

In 2006 in Todi were shot Il sole nero by Krzysztof Zanussi and Come le formiche - Wine and Kisses by Dolce Vita production directed by Ilaria Borrelli with Enrico Lo Verso and Murray Abraham.

Pupi Avati also has a very strong bond with Umbria and Todi in particular. He owns a farm in the surrounding area that represents his roots and the history of his family. Here he rediscovers the rural culture of his childhood. An authentic place where you can still experience the meaning of life through the seasons.
He has set some of his films in these places.

I cavalieri che fecero l’impresa” It is a 2001 film that tells a fictional story about the adventurous deeds that brought the Holy Shroud to the land of France.
It was shot in Apulia, but with settings also in Todi.

L’arcano incantatore
A fantasy horror movie from 1996. It was shot in Umbria, in Tenuta di Fiore, not far from Todi.

Magnificat is a 1993 film.
Presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival, it is set in the Holy Week of Easter 926 AD. It tells of how the men of the time, despite the lack of tangible signs of God, continue thanks to faith to desperately seek refuge in religion to give meaning to the horrors of the world.

Sette monache a Kansas City” a spaghetti-western by Marcello Zeani, was shot in Tod in 1973.

Juliet and Romanoff
A 1961 film by Peter Ustinov. Starring Peter Ustinov, Akim Tamiroff, Sandra Dee, John Gavin.
The film mixes, in a satirical way, the Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet and the Cold War.
It is the cinematographic transposition of the homonymous play brought on stage by Ustinov himself in the two-year period 1957-58, with 389 performances.
The exteriors of the film were shot in Todi, the interiors in Cinecittà.
A polite and amusing satire on Juliet and Romeo. We are at the United Nations: the president of a small state refrains from voting on a proposal that received an equal number of positive and negative votes. Each of the
two rival blocs tries to win his favour, but he will not go back on the decision.