The lime tree of Montesanto, between beauty and tradition.

The linden tree, which is located in front of the Franciscan monastery of Montesanto, is one of the oldest trees in Umbria. The estimated age is about 600 years old and it is said that it was planted by the population of Todi in 1426 to commemorate the beginning of the preaching of San Bernardino hence the name of San Bernardino lime tree. In ancient times the high ground was called Monte Mascarano, that is “Mount of the Spirits”, and certainly already in Etruscan times it was a sacred place, with a temple dedicated to the god Mars and the goddess Bellona.

The linden tree of Montesanto is certainly the most important tree of cultural, historical and scientific interest in Todi and it absolutely deserves a visit.
The trunk has a circumference of almost 6 meters, the canopy measures about 19 meters, is more than 14 meters high and is located in front of the entrance of the convent of Montesanto, beautifully overlooking the hill of Todi, with its unmistakable profile. You can see the convent from several points of the acropolis, in particular from the viewpoint of the Oberdan Gardens.
The image that is created in case of fog is beautiful! When the hill emerges as a small island from the mist below and thus stands at the center of a truly impressive landscape… amazing.

In June 2019, the enchanting lime tree was the subject of a delicate operation of pruning and securing the plant. The priorities of the intervention were the safety of people, the health of the tree and its stability. At the end, the works were focused on the aesthetic of the cut, rebalancing the future development of the foliage.

The lime tree, with its leaves heart shaped and its deep fresh green that reminds us of its cold shade, is our ally in the hot days of July. The enveloping scent spreaded in the air announces the triumph of summer, the discreet aroma of the flowers, irresistible to pollinating insects, remains in our memory. Sitting under this majestic tree after a walk through the hills recharges your energy and gives you wonderful memories.