What are the reasons why Todi has always been so loved?

Artists of all kinds, entrepreneurs, journalists... Todi is a city capable of making people fall in love with her. We, however, are biased. We leave you the testimonies of those who have left their hearts in Todi.

Beverly Pepper
Internationally renowned sculptor, considered one of the most influential contemporary artists.

"I am grateful to have a space, I try above all not to be invasive and to respect its nature: only in this way you can integrate it into the landscape and make it possible to recognize and use it in everyday life. This is the social function of art".
In these words of her is contained a sort of manifesto of her art. The American sculptress, tuderte by adoption, left us at the beginning of 2020.
On the Hill, and in particular in Piazza del Popolo, since April 2019 the Todi Columns, four monumental sculptures, from 8 to 12 metres high, have returned to the same place for the first time in 1979. The columns have now been moved to the Beverly Pepper Park. This is the first monothematic park of contemporary sculpture in Umbria and the first Beverly Pepper park in the world: a naturalistic-urban path that connects the Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione with the historic centre.

Beverly was struck by Todi as a place that has always aroused questions, doubts, need to create links with its history, people, places.
She loved Todi and these scenarios very much, contributing with her husband Bill to make her international.

Ernesto Galli della Loggia
Historian, academic, columnist of La Repubblica.

What he loves is the most about Tosi is the theatre. Small towns, especially in central Italy, wanted to have their own municipal theatre. It was also used for Carnival, when the chairs were taken off and parties were held and everyone danced together.

Silvio Garattini
Pharmacological researcher and founder of the Mario Negri Research Institute.

He fell in love with Todi above all for its square, which he defines as one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, and for its inhabitants, friendly and welcoming.
He also greatly appreciates the countryside, of incomparable beauty, where he retires to write his publications and books.

Pupi Avanti
Director, screenwriter, film producer and writer.

It is the peasant culture still alive in Todi that attracted Avati. The meaning of life through the seasons, respect for the land, giving importance to small things.

Corrado Augias
Journalist, writer, TV presenter.

He's fascinated by the story of Todi. The awareness that a town of less than 20,000 inhabitants has had such a significant, long and important history.

Michele Zarrillo
Successful singer-songwriter and author. He has written songs for Renato Zero and Ornella Vanoni.

In 2013, in a very delicate period of his life, he arrived in Todi by chance, and love broke out. A real lightning strike.
Michele Zarrillo is deeply in love with his house, on the road to Orvieto.
A house made of a wonderful stone, unique in the world.

Paolo Genovese
Director, screenwriter and writer.

"I love every place and every aspect of Todi, starting from Piazza del Popolo. When I leave home I go to Piazza, it is a natural action. How natural is to sit at the bar having a chat with friends while you flip through a newspaper, before saying goodbye to the shopkeepers I know one by one and the people you meet while shopping".

Paolo Genovese bought an old farmhouse in San Damiano, a hamlet of Todi, and after renovating it he made it the place to escape from the city.

Still not convinced? Then come and see Todi with your own eyes!