Have you already tried Todi's specialities? Discover them through this journey of flavours.

Todi can offer many food and wine products of the highest quality thanks to a fertile and versatile territory and the great agricultural and culinary tradition that characterizes the Tuderti people.
From wine to truffles, from oil to cold cuts and cheeses, up to honey, the typical products, thanks to their flavours, compete with the magical landscapes and atmospheres of the area.

One of the leading products of the territory is certainly the truffle.
The truffle is the black diamond of Umbria.
In the countryside around Todi it is possible to go hunting for the "king of the table" together with experts in the field. Discovered and tasted!
For the less adventurous, it is possible to walk through the streets of the town, among restaurants and taverns, and have lunch tasting homemade dishes based on the famous black truffle, accompanied by local wine.

In Todi, in fact, wine has always been an emblem of passion and tradition.
This is a land of wines: 400 hectares of vineyards, over 1,500,000 bottles produced, about 100 permanently occupied.
Grechetto is the native vine par excellence, narrated by Plinio il Vecchio as "peculiaris est tudernis" or "typical of Todi". Not only Grechetto is produced here: there are also Merlot, Sangiovese, Todi Rosso and Todi Bianco, all with the Todi DOC denomination since 2010.

Todi is confirmed as a perfect destination for food and wine lovers and sommeliers, not only of red and white wines, but also of oil!

Tuderte Oil is at least as exceptional as wine, and boasts a high quality that has few equals in Italy. Thanks to the climatic conditions and the soil of the hills at the foot of the Apennines the olives ripen slowly, reaching low levels of acidity. This gives the Umbrian oil an unparalleled taste.
The extra virgin olive oil is one of the enogastronomic riches of Umbria, the only Italian region to have the whole territory suitable to produce Protected Designation of Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

A quality oil is perfect to flavour every dish, even those that apparently do not need an extra gear, such as cured meats. In Todi, in fact, it is possible to taste seasoned and zero kilometre products. When quality is combined with traditional flavours it is always a pleasure for the palate.

Todi is also an ideal destination for cheese lovers. The tuderte cheese called Bodoglino tells us about milk, pastures and cheese making but also about the whole territory. A sweet caciotta, produced with raw cow's milk, with a soft paste and a very delicate taste.
Bodoglino takes its name from the place where the artisan cheese factory is located, in Bodoglie di Todi, where there is the former monastery of Montecristo which houses the oldest school of agriculture in Italy. A fortunate symbiosis that represents a unique case in Italy.

And dulcis in fundo ... honey! The ideal companion for cheese.
Tuderte honey is produced in total respect of bees, collecting only the excess of the hive. Beekeeping companies rely on the local blooms that take place during the spring season.