If you want to visit Todi in autumn, you have chosen the right place! Let yourself be inspired by this itinerary to discover our uncontaminated village full of experiences to live.

In your suitcase you can't miss: photo camera, coat and lots of space. We will explain later how to fill it.

It's evening, you have made a long enough trip by car, finally you have brought your baggage to the hotel. It's dinner time, and although the weather is dull, you decide to go out and take a walk around the cobbled streets of the city. Between one lane and another, you happen to find that restaurant that you had saved as a favorite on Tripadvisor. You sit down, a sinuous flame in an old stone fireplace moves while you take a look at the menu, and you already feel at home.

For the dish you have no doubt: palomba alla ghiotta. You know that it is one of the must of the city and you can't wait to try it, especially because it is prepared on the occasion of the festival dedicated to the patron saint of the city, San Fortunato. Sangiovese and canapés with truffle anticipate a nice plate of pappardelle with mushrooms. The evening ends with a decomposed tiramisù that is the end of the world.

Full belly, flashforward, it's morning. The sun filters shyly through the clouds and you curse yourself because "Damn, but couldn't the weather be good?". A yawn, take your coat and go. Piazza del Popolo is waiting for you with steaming coffee and hot brioche. You wake up together with the city that, little by little, is getting ready for the weekend events. On the other hand, he chose Todi on purpose.

Disfida di San Fortunato: autumn and the Middle Ages meet catapulting the city into a time and space that often seem lost.

The morning is still long, we recommend a visit to the Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione. We know, it is breathtaking. The four Renaissance domes are embraced by ochre, brick and bright red of the surrounding thick foliage. Here we recommend photos in profusion. If you really don't want to be predictable, you just need to continue towards the Convent of Montesanto to see an unusual panorama: the vineyards that climb the hill, in fact, get darker, creating beautiful reddish hues that burn in the countryside.

Between one shot and the next it was late, but at least the sun decided to go out timidly, giving you a crazy light for the photos. You walk towards the village again, your stomach grumbles, but you don't want to sit down for lunch. You pass in front of a tavern and take the freshly baked text cake stuffed with wild boar. And you are almost moved by how good it is. You eat it while the dried leaves creak under your feet.

Meanwhile, preparations are almost over and the show is about to begin: more than 160 archers will challenge each other like Robin Hood wearing the clothes of the past, in a historical re-enactment complete with music and setting. On the other hand, Piazza del Popolo is one of the largest and best preserved medieval squares in Italy.

Enjoy the competition, until the drops start to wet your nose. In your suitcase you didn't put the umbrella, hoping to avoid the bad weather and failing miserably, so you decide to take refuge inside the Civic Museum - Pinacoteca, so you had already made the ticket online, including a visit to the Lapidary Museum.
Here you can sit for a moment and contemplate the beauty of Raphaelesque works without equal, which do not need many words.

It's evening, the rain has stopped and it's time to return to the base. On the way you stop at that pastry shop you saw on Instagram and buy you don't know how many packs of mostaccioli to sell with family and friends.

Once in the hotel you think about how many things you would still like to do, how many things you would like to eat, how many things you would like to see. Then you tell yourself that the only solution is to come back.

Todi, on the other hand, is always waiting for you.