Are you still undecided on what will be the destination of your next trip?
Here are 8 reasons why you should include Todi in your Travel Wishlist!

1. To breathe its history
The history of Todi sinks the roots in a distant past: already to the time of the Etruscans between the VIII and VII century a.C. was founded the town from the Umbrians, calling it "Tutere", that is border town.
Its historical center has remained intact and allows visitors to appreciate many palaces and churches, all protected by a wall erected in 1244, where today the ramparts still stand and the doors that allowed the entrance to the city are visible. During the Middle Ages Tuder was a free commune and then Lordship under the Acts, before becoming part of the Church State.
The villages created by the Arts and Crafts Corporations, headed by the Priors, were surrounded by walls about 4 km long. The current Piazza del Popolo with the Palazzo del Popolo (1213), the Palazzo del Capitano (1292) and the Palazzo dei Priori also dates back to this period.
After a dark period, with the advent of Bishop Angelo Cesi there was the rebirth of Todi.
It was the period of the construction of the Temple of the Crucifix and the Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione whose project is attributed to Donato Bramante.

2. To know Jacopone
Today Todi is almost identical to medieval Todi and the boundaries of the original city are traced by the walls. Todi is also known for being the birthplace of Jacopone De Benedetti - better known as Jacopone da Todi - the most representative religious poet of the thirteenth century who composed historical lauds as "O Signor, per cortesia".

3. For tradition and art
Art in Todi lives through the stories of the past masters in the streets of the town and also in the numerous art galleries where history and tradition intersect with the most modern lines of modern works. With a long and relaxing walk through the streets of the center of Todi you can admire almost all the art galleries that hold real hidden treasures of the city.

4. To immerse yourself in its nature and tranquility
Places of uncontaminated beauty represent a magnificent scenery for those who decide to spend a vacation in Todi in close contact with nature.
The discovery of a rich vegetation is an unforgettable experience. In a naturalistic context among the most intact and interesting of the region, rich in archaeological, prehistoric and historical evidence, Todi and the surrounding area offer the opportunity to discover, in every season, a different and in many ways still unknown region.

5. To walk aimlessly through its alleys
Another of the beautiful things about Todi is that you can get lost in its alleys, walking among its plants and flowers, discovering panoramic viewpoints and taking a thousand photographs.

6. To admire its breathtaking views
In Todi there are many places of the heart, those places that make you lose your head for this beautiful village with such a perfect view that you wonder if you are there for real or if it is just a postcard or a dream.

7. To taste its cuisine and its flavors
Region of peasant tradition, Umbria has given life over time to a cuisine of simple and tasty dishes, made of genuine products of the land, connected to the periodicity of agricultural production but accompanied by a touch of personality that distinguishes them from the production of the surrounding areas.
All this combined with the production of great DOCG and DOC wines and the green gold of Umbria, Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP.
Todi offers many quality food and wine products thanks to a fertile territory and the great agricultural and culinary tradition that characterizes the Tuderti.
From wine to truffles, from oil to cold cuts and cheeses, to honey, the typical products, thanks to their flavors, compete with the magical landscapes and atmospheres of the area.

8. To organize a dream wedding
It will be the atmosphere of a timeless village, the beauty of its nature, its streets, its views, it will be the romance that you live in every corner ... so planning a wedding in Todi will be an exciting adventure.
Fabulous location for the ceremony at Palazzo del Popolo, at the Duomo or in one of the wonderful churches surrounded by nature that surrounds the village. And the reception that follows can take place in dreamlike settings between nature, elegance and so much peace.