Todi is an important educational pole in the Umbrian school landscape. The pool of students reaches an amount of 3,000 units attracting young people from all over the region. For educational tradition, history and architectural beauty there are two absolute excellences.

Liceo Classico Jacopone
The foundation of the Liceo Jacopone dates back to 1935, but was actually born as a municipal gymnasium in 1871. It currently offers 4 courses: classic, scientific, linguistic and human sciences.
It is housed in the former Franciscan convent next to the Church of San Fortunato, a splendid monumental complex located at the highest point of the city.
The Jacopone includes some former students who are a source of pride.
Andrea Baccarelli, academic of the Lincei. Patrizia Cavalli, contemporary poet of great fame. Fabrizio Cleri, Professor of Biological and Medical Physics at Lille in France. Giampiero Rosati, Professor of Latin Philology at the Normal of Pisa.

Istituto Agrario Ciuffelli
It is an institution with over 150 years of history. Located at the end of a picturesque tree-lined avenue, the former convent of Montecristo, now Higher Education Institute Augusto Ciuffelli with adjoining Boarding School, consists of two bodies: the smallest was built at the beginning of the twentieth century, while the major was a secular seat of religious.
Articulated in different departments for disciplinary areas, it adopts an effective and avant-garde teaching with a training course that ensures the balance between theory and practice, ensuring culture and professionalism.
After the two years in common, the Institute proposes three different articulations: Productions and Transformations, Management of the Environment and the Territory, Viticulture and Enology. The sixth year is also active, post-diploma, for the attainment of the specialization as Wine Technician.
Former illustrious students include Francesca Cionco, an expert at the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Cesare Trippella, Head of Leaf EU of Philip Morris.