Planning a vacation is never easy, especially if you want to involve the children as well. Getting them to agree is the real challenge, but don't worry, Todi is the ideal destination for every need. The secret ingredient is to enliven the visit with a pinch of imagination.

Today we take you on a treasure hunt on the trail of our beauties. All you need is a map, comfortable shoes and a desire to explore.

You'll only find out when you get to the end.

We begin just outside the walls with the Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione, a majestic building surrounded by greenery. Its shape is somewhat reminiscent of a meringue, and we're sure you'll be able to see it too!
Thanks to the narrow streets that climb the hill, you can reach Piazza del Popolo, the true heart of Todi. Here overlook the most important buildings, from the Municipal to the Cathedral.

Being the city of archers, we recommend you visit it during the period of the medieval tournament, when challenges in the square and workshops will give a unique experience for young and old.

What would a treasure hunt be without a bit of mystery?
The stage will tell you about ancient artifacts, legendary stories and magic, and to do so will lead you into the basement. Under Piazza del Popolo are the ancient Roman cisterns used to collect rainwater. Don't worry, even if the atmosphere seems to evoke the amazing adventures of Harry Potter, you'll be safe and can enjoy an alternative tour of the city.
The dungeons are not the only fantastic-looking element that can be traced back to the world's most famous wizard. Do you remember the fearsome Basilisk, capable of petrifying you with its gaze? In Todi we remember a similar animal, the Regulus. There are those who say that it is only a distant legend, "I say that it is still around", so keep an eye out!

Once back in the emerged world, the fourth stage will be all about discovery and will envelop you in an artistic and innovative atmosphere. Art and urban landscape come together and invite you to descend from Piazza del Popolo to discover the Painted House, a unique work created by Bryan O'Doherty at the wish of his wife.
Then head to the Beverly Pepper contemporary sculpture park, the first of its kind, a must on your Todi itinerary. Sculptures immersed in a path that goes from the medieval walls to the historic center.

In order not to renounce to nature and to the beauty of the countryside, the penultimate stage of your game-itinerary will involve the animals proposing you a visit to the didactic farm Leo Wild Park, an oasis immersed among the hills where you can live a typical breeder's day and meet unusual animals such as zebras, alpacas and giraffes.

If you've made it this far, you're probably close to the treasure and the end of this trail. And you've earned it!
After an intense day of walking, it's time for a proper reward and there's nothing better than a nice slice of "Torta al Testo" to enjoy before hitting the road again. You can choose to enjoy it alone or stuffed with cold cuts, cheese or vegetables.

So, with your belly and eyes full of beautiful things, you can say goodbye to Todi, and return home with many good memories to tell.