Every self-respecting medieval village carries with it the signs of its past, and Todi is certainly no exception. Whether towers, castles or fortresses, the richness of Todi's architectural heritage still fascinates tourists and enthusiasts. Come and discover with us some unusual beauties in this itinerary dedicated to Todi and its castles.

Let's start with the castle of Pantalla which takes its name from the area in which it rises, once flourishing for agriculture. Thanks to its strategic position, since the Middle Ages, it was subject to numerous attacks, being destroyed and rebuilt many times. Today, what remains of it is in the upper part of the town with the baronial palace, the towers and the small streets that recall its defensive functions. It can be accessed through two different doors, on one of which you can see the eagle, the symbol of Todi.

Have you ever heard of Guelphs and Ghibellines? They are among the protagonists of our second story. The castle of Ripaioli, whose name seems to have Latin origins, rises in a territory historically of passage. In 1205, on commission of the powerful family Atti, was built and fortified a villa that, during the bitter wars between the Ghibellines of Todi and the Guelphs of Perugia, was occupied from the perugini. Today remains the castle church with the bell tower in addition to the walls partially collapsed. To this last one is connected a satirical tradition lasted in the time and attributable in origin to a certain Pasquino.

Also the surroundings of Torregentile deserve attention for the Antoniaccia tower and the castle of Olìvola, restructured and owned by Beverly Pepper, an American sculptress deeply linked to the city of Todi.

If you are looking for a combination of architecture and picturesque landscapes, without giving up the opportunity to stay overnight in a picturesque setting, the castle of Rosceto, is the ideal destination for a unique stay. Born around 1200, it owes its name probably to the presence of rose gardens and is immersed in the Umbrian hills.

Finally we advise you, in the fraction Izzalini, the castle that rises to the center of the country. Perhaps a time conquest of some followers of a fearsome Ghibelline, today it preserves the beautiful arch of entrance overhung from the bell tower. To enjoy a one-to-one experience in an ancient historical residence, you cannot miss a stop at the Castello Izzalini Todi Resort that will give you a sweet stay in the countryside overlooking a sea of hills.

Here ends our journey, made of stories, battles and ancient paths. It's just a small part of the great history that has crossed Todi and its surroundings, and we can't wait to let you know it.