Maybe it’s the landscape’s beauty that inspires and suggests ideas, or perhaps the quiet atmosphere that allows you to take a breath from chaos of the city, but a lot of artists, born or transferred, have chosed Todi as their personal atelier.

Here we have 6 names that you may not know

Mario Santoro
A multifaceted artist with new media expertise and a particular predilection for the ideal terrain that intersects between the mediums of photography, photocopy, screen printing, graphics and collage. He has been living and working in Todi for over twenty years where he is the animator of a center for the knowledge of photography known as PHOTODI. He is also one of the founders of the "Via degli Artisti" located in Via del Duomo where the artists of Tuderti have placed their ateliers.
Among the various cultural organizational activities is also to be counted the Todi Circle, a Think Tank of photography that for over ten years brings to Todi the elite of international photography.
Santoro-Woith’s works are part of important national and international collections and museums.

Roberto Bernardi and Raphaella Spence
They meet at school and they got married. Even though they live together, their art is very different, and in 2016 they staged an exhibition together in Todi. Bernardi is an iperrealistic artist who creates works that recall the Pop Art’s bright colors and subjects. He represents daily life. Who will have ever imagined that candy and dirty dishes one day became an art installation?
Spence, borned in England, comes from photorealism but gradually she starts to paint umbrian landscapes. In her recent works she mixes digital photos with freehand graphics to create evocative urban scenarios. We are sure that you will like it!
Antonella Zazzera
She’s a very particular artist first of all because she uses some unique materials like copper wires. Her works, between photography, painting and sculpture, focus on the role of light, space and form. She won important awards like Premio Arnaldo Pomodoro in 2016.
I recommend you “C/S D 49/50-11” from 2016 made by copper wires, cellulose and black pigment.
Marino Ficola
He started his career in Beverly Pepper’s studio, for this reason he traveled a lot exploring different techniques and meeting famous new yorkers’ artist. He has set up a lot of national and international exhibitions. Through his recent project “Ombra” he got across a metaphor between human and animal using a style similar as rock art and sculpture suspended between the real and dream worlds. He’s a famous potter, currently he’s teaching in Accademia delle Belle Arti of Perugia.
Silvia Ranchicchio
She wants to study the human being in his spiritual evolution in relation to the material, and we can see her research in her works. She travelled a lot across the United States, and she studied different expression languages from various parts of the world. Her works are paints, mirrors compositions and particular kind of jewelry.
Let’s find out “Cercando me” from 2008.