“I am my own editor, and in the end, I must be as amazed as others."  Beverly Pepper

What is art if not one of the most intimate forms of wonder capable of connecting and attracting together worlds that are languages and miles apart?

Amazing is today’s word and the best way to introduce you to Beverly Pepper’s works and her love for Todi.

She was born in Brooklyn in 1922, she studied advertising design and industrial before dedicating herself to sculpture. At a young age she went to Europe visiting some of the most famous atelier, one of them is Brâncuși's. In Italy she met some important painters, directors and photographers.

What is impressive about Beverly Pepper is her nature always open to learning and embracing new challenges, which allowed her not to give up in the face of novelty, neither in her youth nor in her old age. Perhaps it was her tenacity that drove her to work well into her nineties and to experiment with different materials and forms.

She sculpted wood creating big compositions that gained the attention of the director of the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto who invited her to participate in the exhibition.

She was the only woman and had to learn to weld in order to make interesting sculptures with steel. She embraced the challenge and amazed everyone with "The Gift of Icarus", still located in the city of Spoleto.
The first Italian exhibition was a huge success for her and helped to seal her relationship with our country.

In the '70s she moved to Todi for different reasons: on the one side the reality of the center a bit out of the world preserved her from the chaos of New York, on the other, the place itself fascinated her arousing questions that turned into artistic needs.

From this research comes the interest in contaminated compositions. Wood, steel, grass and hay are favorite elements that aim to transform the city and the landscape by integrating them into her works.
Her art contains a deep sense of union between wild nature and technical nature, a kind of encounter between man and environment that arouses in the observer sacredness. In most cases these are monumental works for the outdoors, born from the earth and reaching up to the sky.

Beverly Pepper has always been very active on the social side, creating city installations that would highlight urban reality and present it from a different perspective. This concept translates into art that identifies the city more than the artist. The park of Todi is one of the most striking examples with its famous "Todi Column”.

We conclude with the words with which Beverly Pepper herself accompanied her Todi project, wishing that her work could be a source of new energy for the city, renewing the desire to show itself to the world, attracting the attention of curious people.