It is very ancient the link between Todi and balloons that for decades has been an extraordinary event for the city of Jacopone.

Every year in July, for the balloon flight fans, there is an extraordinary gathering of hot air balloons from all over the world. A unique show in its kind right in the green heart of Umbria.
Who would have ever said that you do not have to go to Cappadocia to see the much dreamed hot air balloons that furrow the famous skies of the East, but just come to Todi to see these gigantic colorful balloons take flight coloring the Umbrian skies!

The Sagrantino Cup, with its 100 and more colorful balloons, is a unique event, able to attract thousands of fans, tourists and curious. An unforgettable experience-show to enjoy from below, but even more to live from above.

Even in 2020 Todi is back to fly thanks to its creator, Ralph Shaw: the appointment with the Sagrantino International Challenge Cup also marked in the difficult 2020 the 32nd edition of the event. Hot-air balloons from all over the world competed at the Italian International Ballon Grand Prix event that takes place in the Aviosuperficie del Sagrantino, in the Acquarossa Park. During the event are organized challenges and competitions, at the end of which is decreed the winner of the Sagrantino International Balloon Challenge Cup. The beautiful hot air balloons have soared every day at dawn between 6.00 and 6.30: nose up and eyes pointed to the sky to watch the evocative flight of the balloons that fly through the Umbrian sky.

The Sagrantino Cup is also linked to the art exhibition Carapace Mac Art, the extemporaneous painting Mongolfierart: the works of art in the race remain on display throughout the period of the event. An event that represents in all respects an international showcase to discover the beauty of the landscape, art not only from this territory.